Italian Marquetry Inlaid Wood Gambling/Gaming Table



Bring Las Vegas to your home with this special game table!


Enjoy fun playing with your firiend with this  amazing game tables. This table can be admired in your home for its beauty in design and inlay work handcrafted, then you opent it .....and enjoyed for the games contained inside: cards, checkers, chess, black jack, poker, backgammon and roulette!!!

The shelves with various games are mobile so that while you play roulette other can play chess, others backgammon, other cards on green cloth

You and  Your friends will be amazed by this wonderful table


size in cm 82X82  h 75

size in inch 32,28X32,28  h 29,53


The manufacture of this product has been made with traditional methods and not industrial. Small imperfections, such as dips and ripples on the surface are deliberately present constituting specific for the product and are proof of its craftsmanship.